Ama Victoria – Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists Enterprise Agreement 2013

The funding allowance for the impact of salary increases and other changes in the 2017-18 fiscal year is provided by a certain grant. The current effects of these increases and subsequent salary conditions will be incorporated into hospital/public health care budgets from 2018/2019. Figure 1 below shows how the MFD would be calculated for a hospital with a salary base of $100,000. DFM indexation, considered a DFM indexation, is calculated on the basis of the corresponding salaries at the time of the expiry of the prior enterprise agreement. DFM compounds at a rate of 2.5% per year after that. Other conditions of state allocation: overtime of 1.5 for the first two hours in a week and then all double-time. Night and weekend work allowances, the possibility of allowing non-rusty overtime. Continuing medical training support allowance, 5-week annual leave (assuming a few extra hours), 28 days of leave per cumulative year, up to 8 days of examination leave, up to three weeks of conference leave and 6 months of long service leave after 15 years of service. If they become a medical specialist, the conditions are governed by WADA Victoria`s 2013 ACCORD – Victorian Public Health Sector Medical Specialists. The proposed new enterprise agreements provide for four annual wage increases of 3% for the first full salary periods, which will begin on January 1, 2018, January 1, 2019, January 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021. An additional salary increase of 6% is also due from the first full pay period from or after 1 January 2018, so that the overall wage increase of 9% must be paid from that date.

Long-term service leave: two months of service leave after 10 years of service, then five months of leave for 10 years of service. Proportional time, if at least seven years and less than 10 years of service. The service may include services with other NSW sector authorities, Commonwealth and intergovernmental authorities, unrelated undeclared health organizations and other employers within the meaning of the NSW directive. Leave rights may be transferred by other NSW authorities and undeclared affiliated health organizations. Senior Registrar (SREG) is a medial delegate who has successfully completed the first part (or equivalent) of the conditions for admission to a specialized medical school scholarship and who is within two full-time years of completing his specialized training. The appointment to the position of Senior Registrar is valid for up to two years. An SREG1 will move to SREG2 as soon as it has advanced to a full-time year after completing its technical training. Public hospitals and health services will be funded by the Budget Payment System (BPS) as part of the payment on 10 April 2018. Users of the Healthcollect portal can view the details of this payment through the portal. The former physician enterprise agreements have reached their nominal expiry date of March 30, 2017, with the last annual salary increases to be paid under these agreements coming into effect from the first full pay period from December 1, 2015.

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