Act Rental Agreement Pets

Certified blind and service dogs that assist people with special needs can legally live in rental property – owners cannot apply for a deposit for these animals for damage to pets. The standard form of the agreement issued by NSW Fair Trading contains additional conditions that require your owners to accept the breeding of animals. Additional terms may be waived if you and the lessor sign the contract, but if they are not cancelled, they apply to your contract. Residents of caravan parks and residential parks must follow their parking rules regarding pets. If you feel that a rule is not appropriate, you can ask VCAT to be heard about it. VCAT may decide the rule for unfairness and ask the park operator to modify or remove it; or may find that the rule is appropriate and may remain in effect. Tomas and his dog have been living in a rental property since moving to Melbourne in 2018. As Tomas began working long hours, he plans to have another dog to keep the first company. If he wants to drop off the second dog after the new laws come into force, he must obtain the consent of his owner.

If a formal tenancy period indicates that a tenant cannot have pets, the lessor can apply for a settlement of disputes and ask the tenant to comply with the tenancy agreement. If the tenant does not comply with the order, the landlord can issue notice. Tenants must first check their lease before having a pet. If pets are allowed, the owner must plan an inspection of the device. If pets are not allowed, the owner and tenant must decide whether pet approval can be negotiated. However, in the case of leases with „no pet“ clauses signed before the new laws begin, a lessor or broker may attempt to threaten to evict a tenant if he does not dispose of a pet that he or she is holding against his agreement. Tenants Victoria believe that you cannot be evicted simply because you have a pet if your agreement has a „no pet“ clause. There is no term in the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW) that prohibits you from keeping a pet or requires you to obtain your owner`s consent before keeping a pet.

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