Advantages Of Method Of Agreement

We obtain a variant of the method of agreement (1.12) by combining with this hypothesis the following observation: A sentence of one or more positive instances, so that a possible cause, for example. B A, exists in all cases, but for any other possible cause there is a proceeding for which this case is absent. The result is that the A is necessary and sufficient for the P in F. Symbolically, the method of accompanying variation can be presented as (with ± represent a displacement): the common method with this hypothesis (4.3) requires a single positive instance, but can nevertheless use a set of negative instances and indicates the cause as (A or…). The simplest variants of the agreement method can only be used in cases where our prior knowledge narrowly limits the possible causes and justifies the belief that they will be sensitive. For example, if the character of a disease is bacterial, the microorganism responsible can be identified by discovering that only one type of microorganism, which is not already known as innocent, is present in a number of cases of the disease. Otherwise, observation of the only common factor in a number of cases of a phenomenon can only be used very timidly to suggest a hypothesis that needs to be tested in another way. The method of accompanying variation says that if, in a number of situations that lead to a particular effect, we find some ownership of the effect that varies with variation in a factor common to these situations, then we can infer that factor as a cause. and the owner may, in some cases, lose LEED certification. CMR In CMR, the owner clearly has the opportunity to define a sustainable design with LEED criteria. Sustainable construction features are more likely to be implemented due to the cooperative nature of the property/construction contract.

DB With DB, the owner can clearly express his expectations for the use of LEED criteria by giving weight to the LEED criteria over other factors in the DB evaluation plan and using sustainable design and construction as performance criteria in design and construction.

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